Reflections on Environmental Justice: Where are the Men?

Although the media coverage for reproductive justice is minimal, there is considerably more data found directed toward women’s infertility and sterilization cause by environmental toxins than issues regarding men.  I believe this is a reflection of the epistemic view of reproduction being linked directly to women’s bodies, while forgetting that in fact “it takes two to tango”. There is a certain amount of blame put on the woman and her own reproductive system when certain issues arise in pregnancies.

Focus is broadly related to the responsibilities women have been entrusted with for social reproduction and population growth. This concern of endocrine disruptors and other genetically manipulating toxins are deemed a female issue – one that is affecting women more than men.  These kinds of research tools are put into action to address the failure of women’s reproductive health, rather than how it has also affected men.

These conclusions I have made about the scientific community reflect a very gendered view of reproduction, excluding how men should look at these drastic changes in the environment seriously as well. Environmental justice is not only a female issues.

This discourse of a feminine nature is reproduced or validated by focus on scientific finding, and how little the male reproductive system is address. Literature about fighting for reproductive justice has become an enclosed space for women; it is lacking a male voice. I am not suggesting that this voice is oppressed or marginalized, but silenced by its own group and own ideologies regarding sex, gender and nature.


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