International Breast Milk Project

The International Breast Milk Project is one that encourages mothers to donate their breast milk to help infants in need. How does this raise questions of how globalization leads to spread of toxins around the world – a child in South Africa who has been orphaned by HIV/AIDS will be exposed to a multitude of various toxins depending on where the breast milk they are drinking is coming from. This is similar to issue of child well being with infants like those born into reserves in Northern Canada who are exposed to a high level of toxins through their mother’s milk. This kind of environmental health issue is significant, even at birth a child is exposed to extremely high levels of toxins which is likely to not be naturally occurring in the environment they are born into. I must ask what kind of long-term effects this kind of exposure will have on children, as breast milk contamination continues to grow exponentially. The issue of contaminated breast milk stems beyond reproductive rights and into serious unanswerable questions about increasing toxins entering our bodies and becoming a part of


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